Why Air Roasting?

Our Roasting Method

There are two common roasting methods; drum roasting and air roasting.

In drum roasters, the beans sit in the drum that is heated with either gas or wood, and are stirred with a mechanical arm.  Depending on whether they are directly on the drum surface or in the middle or top of the batch of beans, the coffee beans reach the optimum temperature and ultimately the “second crack” at different times, resulting in an inconsistent roast.  Roasting can be uneven and some beans that remain in direct contact with the cylinder too long are scorched.

We use the air roasting method which mean the beans float on a bed of air in the roasting chamber, allowing all of the beans to be heated to exactly the same temperature at exactly the same time (a bit like hot air popcorn poppers).

In a coffee bean shell …..

  • Air Roasters provide consistent temperatures to all of the beans in a batch.
  • Air Roasting is easy to control and duplicate.
  • The longer and hotter the beans are roasted, the more flavour escapes.
  • Drum Roasters trap and burn coffee bean chaff causing a smoky flavour.
  • The fuel that heats the drum (gas or wood) can leave a residual taste.

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